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Ep 05: Matt Nappier - Can We Trust Our Bible?

This podcast is based off of a question posed about wanting to know more about the "JDEP Theory" (aka Documentary Hypothesis). Matt Nappier just finished his MA in Biblical Studies and is beginning on his PhD and is currently studying this subject in one of his classes, so I brought him on the show to discuss both where the theory comes from, what are the positives to the theory, what are the problems with the theory, and why it is ultimately getting rejected by Biblical scholars who take the Bible seriously.


Ep 04: Stan Randall - The Parable of the Puppet Master

This week Stan Randall of and I had a great conversation about the parables, metaphors, and story telling in the Bible. One thing I learned was that the poem of Paul Revere's midnight ride wasn't actually composed at the time of the event, but much later during the start of the Civil War and was written for the purpose of inspiring people of that time to take action!


Ep 03: Ryan White - 66 Shades of Grey

This show I talk about whether or not the Bible should be viewed in black and white terms or if there are many areas which require critical thinking and deep contemplation to determine God's will for our lives.


Ep 02: Dr. Dinah Dye - Temples, Kings, and Masters

This week Dr. Dinah Dye and I discuss her new book The Temple Revealed in the Garden: Priests and Kings.  We also explore the different ways to interpret Scripture and how the Bible invites us to converse with the text, rather than become a kingdom of proof-texters.


Ep 01a: Matthew Vander Els - Esther’s Other Side

Matthew Vander Els and Ryan White discuss various perspectives on the Book of Esther. We had a great discussion about many of the aspects of this book that are often overlooked in discussions.


Ep 01: Rico Cortes - Esther, Guns, and an Aggagite

This is the very first podcast interview where Rico Cortes and myself (Ryan White) have a great discussion about the Book of Esther. We discuss the historical setting, the lack of reference to God, and much more including how this book speaks to our lives and culture today.

Recorded on 2/26/18


Ep 00: Ryan White - Introduction to the Show

This is the inaugural episode where Ryan White gives an introduction and explanation of what this show is about and the vision for future episodes.


The Crucified Son of God

We Proclaim Messiah Crucified! A Stumbling Block to Jews and Madness to the Gentiles

Yeshua was clear with his disciples; he came to conquer the world, he came to defeat the ruler of this world. Yet this battle was to occur in a way that no one in their right mind could have ever imagined. Rather than gathering an army and launching an assault on the Roman occupiers, like all the previous would-be messiahs had attempted, he came to be crucified by the Romans. There was no other option, Yeshua made it clear that crucifixion was the way he must die. This was scandalous! This was sheer madness! Today the true impact of this idea eludes us. Very few realize the true horror and true scandal of a crucified Messiah. In this teaching we will investigate the background to crucifixion the reasons why Yeshua had to be crucified and what it means for us today.

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