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God and Today’s Politics with Dr. Dinah Dye - S02E02

This episode Dr. Dinah Dye and I discuss whether or not the Bible is a political book and the implications of it if it is. Included in the discussion is Biblical kingship, the subversive nature of Scripture, what we can do today, and can we really vote for a person with questionable moral character.

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How to Destroy the Bible - S02E01

Grab yer pitchforks and rotten fruit! Dangerous Conversations with the Bible is back for season 2 with an explosive new episode with a detailed list of how you too can destroy the Bible.

Ep 11: Salvation and a Crustacean

Title says it all!!! We're going to talk about lobsters, salvation, if Yeshua saved souls for heaven, and why people don't respond well to you telling them something they don't agree with theologically. Oh, did I mention we're going to talk about lobsters?

Ep 10: Revelation - Hope or Horror? Part 3

What a journey! I've had such a fun time traveling through the Book of Revelation from a different perspective! This is the final part in this 3 part series, but it only is the beginning of this trip for me. Please stay tuned in to for more teachings on this amazing and mysterious book.

In part 3, there is a bit of a shift after I read an amazing book called Unveiling Empire: Reading Revelation Then and Now (Howard-Brook & Gwyther). Turns out that the message of Revelation is so much more relevant here and now. It is screaming out at us trying to rip off our blinders; to warn us against complacency and give us hope for a better future. Hope you enjoy!

Ep 09: Revelation - Hope or Horror? Part 2

This week we continue our discussion about the Book of Revelation. If you have not yet watched part 1, please do so before watching part 2.

Ep 08: Revelation - Hope or Horror? Part 1

You'll really want to have your pitchforks and rotten fruit on standby this time. Ryan is going to present a different way of reading the book of Revelation that does not involve date setting and event forecasting. Rather than focusing on these things, Ryan will suggest that the focus is on a revelation of Yeshua to 7 real churches in Asia Minor who were suffering under intense persecution and that the letter was written to give them hope in a future vindication and encouragement to resist the beast, to resist the worship of the empire, and to remain faithful to the Lamb alone. Furthermore, by understanding the apocolyptic genre, we can understand how this same message rings true for believers before us, believers today, and believers future to us yet. This is part one. Grab yer pitchforks!!!!!

Ep 07: Judah Himango - What To Do With Atheists

Great conversation with Judah Himango this week! There were a few technical difficulties where Judah's audio cut out a bit but most of the conversation is intact. You can check out Judah's work at:

Ep 06: Yoel Halevi - Jewish Perspective of the Bible

This is a follow-up to last week's conversation with Matt Nappier about documentary hypothesis and the origins of our Bibles. This week Yoel Halevi and I go in further depth into this area as well as discussing the Jewish perspecive of the Bible. You can connnect with Yoel by visiting

Ep 05: Matt Nappier - Can We Trust Our Bible?

This podcast is based off of a question posed about wanting to know more about the "JDEP Theory" (aka Documentary Hypothesis). Matt Nappier just finished his MA in Biblical Studies and is beginning on his PhD and is currently studying this subject in one of his classes, so I brought him on the show to discuss both where the theory comes from, what are the positives to the theory, what are the problems with the theory, and why it is ultimately getting rejected by Biblical scholars who take the Bible seriously.

Ep 04: Stan Randall - The Parable of the Puppet Master

This week Stan Randall of and I had a great conversation about the parables, metaphors, and story telling in the Bible. One thing I learned was that the poem of Paul Revere's midnight ride wasn't actually composed at the time of the event, but much later during the start of the Civil War and was written for the purpose of inspiring people of that time to take action!